MizzouRec Truths

All You Need To Know About The MizzouRec

#CollegeLife | Bizzy Emerson | April 12, 2016

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The MizzouRec, once christened “The Best In The Country” by Sports Illustrated in 2005, is arguably the most dope establishment on campus. Yes, there’s, like, 40 treadmills and tons of ellipticals and lots of machines that I don’t know how to use, but there’s also a LAZY. RIVER. Yeah, like at the Wisconsin Dells. Mizzou students are low key living a life of exercise luxury.

In all seriousness, the MizzouRec is one of my personal favorite places on campus. Exercise is my emotional outlet, and the Rec is the perfect setting to shake off some anxieties and work up a killer sweat. Despite the fact that the treadmill has a 30-minute time limit which I disobey on a regular basis, the Rec is extremely welcoming, clean, and the Pilates classes are straight fire.

There are some truths only regular Rec goers and workers really understand, though:

1. You will wait in line for AT LEAST 15 minutes to get a locker

The MizzouRec lockers in the Jungle Gym are absolute lifesavers if you’re running to workout after or before class. They’re perfectly sized and ultra user-friendly. However, if you even dare show up at the wrong time, you’re going to be waiting FOREVER for a locker. Maybe even longer then you intend on using a machine. Have I waited for 30 minutes before? You bet your ass I have. And have I forgotten which locker I put my stuff in and had to put my code in on every single locker until I found mine? Absolutely yes.

2. …And you’ll probably be waiting for a machine for a ridiculous amount of time too