Help — My Fitbit is My Life

No sleep till 10,000 steps

#CollegeLife | Bizzy Emerson | March 1, 2016

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In one of the most passive aggressive moves of all time, my parents bought me a Fitbit for my 18th birthday. No, I didn’t ask for a Fitbit. No, I was nowhere NEAR fit. So when I unwrapped the packaging to reveal the little black bracelet, my first thought was, “Oh, so I actually DON’T have the body of Kate Upton?”

Despite my Fitbit reservations, I came to tolerate the unchic-but-practical tech accessory. Although 10,000 steps is the general “goal” Fitbit users strive to achieve, I chilled right around 6,000, trying to be cool without trying too hard. I liked tracking my sleep, but other than that, the thing served little purpose to me.

And then I lost forty pounds.

(Photo c/o Bizzy Emerson)

Along with eating PAINFULLY healthy (shoutout to dining hall salad bars and good ol’ H20), exercise became my life, and thus, Fitbit became my life as well. I could tell you exactly how many steps it took me to get to my 9:30 AM class (2,535, thank you very much). I easily surpassed the 10,000 step goal, and felt disappointed if I didn’t at least hit 13,000 by the end of the day. One day, to cheer myself up, I impulse bought the Charge HR band, and then I started tracking my heart rate, my sleep, and pretty much every move I made.

Walking around campus, there are Fitbits as far as the eye can see, and we’re all competing. I’m not gonna pretend I haven’t gone and run 6 miles, and then been that asshole that asks, “So…how many steps did you take today?” to all of my friends sporting the fitness bands. I’m a Step Queen. I thrive on winning the step game.

Yes, this has lead me to my #FitnessGoals, but that’s not to say that I haven’t gone a little nuts over my Fitbit before. I’ve walked on the treadmill at 10 PM in order to hit 30,000 steps in one day, going at the pace of an Olympic fast-walker. I’ve cried after waking up and realizing I was less than 100 steps away from hitting 10,000. I’ve walked out of my way, tacked miles onto the ends of runs, and done laps around the inside of my house, all for a few numbers on a little screen. In a bold fashion move, I bought an (adorable) cuff bracelet to wear on top of my Fitbit, you know, for formal events.

Despite these moments of (somewhat) insanity in the name of health and fitness, I also enjoy the fact that my Fitbit has been with me through it all. I’ve sported the Fitbit while hiking through Italy, dancing at Lollapalooza, tailgating at Mizzou football games, half-marathon training, and everything in between. Aside from maybe my iPhone, my Fitbit has been my most solid companion.

Not one to be behind on the Fitbit trend, I got the new Blaze for my birthday. It’s basically an Apple watch but with less features, and I am living for it. In a move undoubtedly directed towards young people, I can now read my texts with just a glance at my wrist. The ability to see what’s going on in the group chat without looking rude on a date? Priceless.

So, if you’re looking to get fit in college, look no further than Fitbit. You might get a little step-crazy (or, in my case, a lot), but it’ll change your life.

Plus, you’ll look really cute, like me.

(Photo c/o Bizzy Emerson)